Nails and eyebrows …

It’s 5 weeks now since I began my new part time job at Hartleys in Botany Town Centre. Working in retail is not new to me, but working in the fashion industry is. It has made very aware that I have been neglecting simple beauty self care routines like keeping my nails and eyebrows manicured. It’s years since I bit my nails as a teenager, and since I stopped drinking I have noticed that my nails are much stronger and grow faster – yet, I’m still not taking the time out to enhance what I have. Sure, I keep my nails clean and trimmed with the clippers, but as for manicures and painting my nails – this just hasn’t been a happening thing.

No more! I had my nails manicured at the local outlet before my job interview and as part of looking after myself, I am going to try to maintain a more regular routine of keeping my nails painted and manicured in the future.

Another thing I have noticed is that ‘everyone’ seems to get their eyebrows done these days. When did that happen? What happen to the tweezer regime? I am so out of touch. When Holly and I went to Melbourne at the end of last year, one of her treats was to visit the Sephora shop and have her face made over. As I was going to wait around for her, I got mine done (the cheaper version) and I came out of there with eyebrows that I did not even recognise.

My before and after pics of that day:

Without my glasses and the rather thick eyebrows I didn’t really recognise myself. Anyway, I have been practicing since then and have started using a concealer and foundation. I know right, who knew that the concealer actually hides a few of those dark rings under the eyes. I am slowly emerging from the pop on your lipstick & mascara kind of girl as you zoom out the door to wearing a made up face for work.

With that in mind, I know how easy it is to ‘not keep up with the little things’, like your nails and keeping your hair well cut and coloured, but as part of my self care since living AF, I have realised that without spending money on wine, I should be able to afford some different treats, which I previously viewed as luxuries.

Cheers Cherie xx

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