Outdoor time

It’s been pretty bleak around here with a lot of rain, which makes me a little less inspired to go outdoors. But, one thing Mitchell and I surely have in common is the love of fresh air. A couple of weekends ago, Phil, Mitch and I headed to a local park and in between the showers Mitchell got to enjoy a swing and ride on the roktopus. This did involve a bit of laughter as Phil and I were way too heavy to balance the other side, so we got a little work out spinning him round. As you can see by his face, it was worth it.

Throughout Mitchell’s life one of the activities that he has always enjoyed is that sense of motion and the feel of the elements – especially wind and rain. It’s not easy keeping him safe of these but the joy of seeing him happy is so worth it. Shortly after this it poured down but thank goodness for little breaks in the weather.

This week, Mitchell had a surgery to remove the preauricular tract from his right ear and this was successful, however, we are now tasked with keeping the area free from infection while it heals. Let’s hope that this is the end of surgery and anaesthetics now. While it should not surprise me that nothing is ever straightforward with Mitchell, this only came about after an insect bite near his ‘earpits’ got infected and meant he has had 3 surgeries in the last 3 months to lance and drain an abscess that has kept forming. We have been waiting for him to get well enough to have the tract removed and finally the stars aligned enough for it to go ahead.

I asked the surgeon to ensure that the ear was well protected post surgery as Mitchell loves to unravel/unpick tapes and bandages, but have to say the rather elaborate protection surprised me at first! Poor Mitch looked like he was angry as the head bandage compressed his forehead. But, it stayed on for the 24 hours needed, so let’s hope that now we can keep the site clean and dry for the next few days.

Fingers crossed that it heals well, the antibiotics he is now on keep the germs at bay and that he has a quick recovery and can get outdoors again.

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