Week 12 Wanderlust finished!

Back in April I started the project for Week 12 of Wanderlust. It was making an accordian fold out for your journal under the topic of rivers. I used the Karangahake Gorge as my inspiration point and have shared photos of that beautiful spot on here previously.

At first I was tempted to use the ocean as my inspiration as although I love ‘water’ in general, usually it is the sound of the ocean and the waves that I gravitate to, rather than the flow of a river. But as wanderlust is a learning project for me, I am endeavouring to open my eyes to other ideas and I’m glad I did. Maybe, because for the majority of my life I have lived near the beach, rather than in a town or city with a river flowing through it, I just haven’t appreciated the beauty of rivers. I do remember when I was only 21 and living north of London, working in a pub, how if I was down I would head out for a walk or run, and sit by a stream to bring myself back to a happy place. Searching for quotes, music and inspiration relating to rivers opened up a lot of thoughts, and in the end I went with an accordian fold out to put in my Wanderlust journal.

Started out looking for all kinds of ‘natural’ coloured materials as a base, and I decided on kraft, green, or grey colours as the base. Then blue, greens and golds for my three colours.

Putting together the background elements in an accordian style.

I was happy with the final results.

On the reverse side of the accordian I decided to journal about my reflections on a book I have been reading, called “The Art of Finding yourself” by Fiona Robertson.

What a fun project this was and it’s time to carry on with creating.

Cheers Cherie

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