Lockdown Life – Days 5 and 6

Monday 30 March 2020 – Day 5

A little bit uneventful, I guess to be expected when you are in lockdown and your options are limited. Did a 30 days of Yoga with Adriene (Day 4) and although I have started, stopped, started, stopped yoga many times, I am finding it beneficial for both my mind and body at the moment. I think her style of online teaching and that she shares some of these for free is a testament to the person she is and her belief in yoga. Also, love her motto, ‘FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD’.

Had a carer from 7 to 3 pm, but I slept in until 10 am. Forgot to set an alarm, but the body must have needed it after the weekend. Thank goodness Holly had woken herself up and made her way to her online class in time. After getting dressed up the first couple of days, I notice she has taken to putting a jersey over her PJs. Well, not too many rules in this time, her classmates can only see the top half.

Tuesday 31 March 2020 – Day 6

A flat day for me today. The sun was shining but I had a headache and a dodgy stomach – I think just too much chocolate. Anyway, it put me off going for a walk or yoga, so it pretty much became a rest day (of sorts) for me.

New Zealand now has 647 cases of Corona Virus, one death and 2 critical cases. There have been a few extra clusters, including Matamata and the Southland area also has high numbers relative to the population. Worldwide it is totally out of control and watching the news is not pleasant as the numbers are growing exponentially, with USA now having the highest number of cases, and Italy in 2nd. Chances of travel this year look like a 0 to 1% chance to go anywhere as each country struggles to get it under control.

On the home front, Mitchell’s behaviour took a turn for the worse today. A bit of hormonal activity and a shredding of a nappy. His first ‘out there’ behaviour with Georgia, which caught her a bit by surprise. I am now considering upping one of his night time medicaitons again. These changes to his routine are really tough on him – with 3 or his carers down and 2 new ones, and people starting and finishing at different times, plus us doing some nights, it is a lot to take in at once.

I did a little bit on my ‘layered page’ project that I have been working on with Kellee Wynne. This was a free 7 day project that I started just before Lockdown and it we were given a daily prompt over 7 days to complete each day. I didn’t get finished, so I am still working on it, but the first few days were as follows:

  • Scribble randomly and brayer over the top, on 4 pieces of paper, front and back
  • Add stenciling on top
  • Make gelli prints on deli paper.. I did not have, so I substituted tissue paper. Not quite as effective, but we don’t have the option of buying supplies at the moment.
  • Add some collage elements – tissue, scraps, pictures
  • Then cut up and put together as little mini art journals.

Now I just need to stitch them together and decide what I am going to do with them. Thinking I may add some quotes or lyrics and keep as little inspirational books.

Sleep well everyone.

Cherie x

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