July’s reading and school holidays

I seem to have adopted a new way of reading where I will have collection of books on the go at any one time. I used to read one at a time, but of late I look to read what I feel like in the moment which has lead to me picking up and putting down a variety of books at any given moment.

I have now finished The Light in the Middle and The Book of Ichigo Ichie, but still working through the others. I have been reading The Book Thief for ages and really struggling, but don’t want to give up, as it has such favourable reviews.

As for Dr Libby, Exhausted to Energized comes and goes from my nightstand – making an apperance usually means I am feeling tired, so not always a good sign. I have read several of her books and always end up revisiting them to look for answers when my energy levels are drooping.

We have just finished the school holidays and it all went quite quickly and after much deliberation about where to go in New Zealand, we picked Rotorua. Phil, Holly and I got away for 2 day/1 night break. We managed to cram a lot in our 2 days, visiting the Green and Blue Lakes, Lake Tarawera, The Buried Village, having a meal at Statosfare Restaurant at the Top of the Gondola and doing the Redwoods nightlight walk over the suspension bridges. Unfortunately, due to the rainy weather we didn’t get quite as much outside action in as hoped.

Me with the Blue Lake in the background

It was difficult to get good photos of the Redwoods at night, but it was well worth it, so I suggest you visit next time you head to Rotorua. It was great to see New Zealand being well supported by the locals, getting a motel/hotel was not easy and on day one we decided against the Luge due to the long queues out the door! While the sun was not shining, the Lakes were still beautiful and I am always reminded of what a beautiful country we live in when we do a road trip out of the city.

Holly at The Buried Village

The rest of the holidays was spent at home and Phil has started to renovate the ensuite – a job that has been required as we have had a leak that has been ongoing for sometime. He removed all of the tiles from the walls and floor, has taken the toilet out and set about getting it ready for waterproofing and tiling. I hope this will get finished next week, as we are living in a very dusty and messy environment while this is underway.

Not much crafting or writing happening due to other parts of life getting in the way. So hope to find my way back into the craft room soon.

Cherie đŸ™‚

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