One Little Word 2020, RECORD, what I want to remember ..

The prompt for One Little Word for December, was to look back at what you want to remember. Ironically, I have not completed any of the class prompts this year – but I am okay with that. My word has sat alongside me in this year for the history books. I was happy to record my lockdown memories in my handmade Covid-19 journal and I am grateful that I kept a daily record on my blog during the level 4 lockdown. I have simply let my word be an impetus to record bits of daily life and on the eve of a new year, I am looking for the positives that I want to remember …

January started with a bang and 2 days watching the ASB Tennis at Stanley Street. An event that I have attended for 20 years in a row. As always, Christine and I saw some amazing players up close, including Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki and Julia Goerges. Sadly 2021 will not go ahead due to the pandemic.

We celebrated Laureen’s 50th and Uncle Garry’s 80th. Lucky for us we got to get together for these in Level 1.

In June we took an overnight trip to Rotorua while Mitchell was staying at Wilson Home. We managed to pack in a visit to the Buried Village, a couple of walks by the Blue and Green Lakes, a Gondola ride to Aorangi Peak for dinner and the highlight – the Redwoods Treewalk at night. Not so easy to photograph, but well worth the visit.

Mitchell continued with Sailability and started at Riding for the Disabled at Ambury Park. These have been on our list of things to action for so long, and in a year when a lot couldn’t happen, we did get these up and running. It was great to see him participating in some outdoor activities that he enjoyed. Especially the riding!

Getting fitted for his helmet

Mitch did a lot of outings with Georgia, Marielle and Jason (his support workers), and has developed his physical fitness a lot this year. All in all, his health has been the best yet. Not going to school and spending more time outdoors, has been good for him.

In October, we took a day trip to the Hamilton Gardens. I had heard this was pretty special, but I was blown away with just how cool it was. It’s only about 1 1/2 hours from home and yet, we had never bothered to stop and take a look on the many times we have passed through Hamilton. We went totally crazy taking photographs, as you do when you are inspired, but here are a few of my favourites. The highlights for me were the Japanese garden and the Surreal garden. But each area had its own charm.

Holly continued to do well at school and in a year which was required a lot of online lessons, she still managed to excel in the subjects she loved. So proud to see her receive a 1st in English Literature, 1st in Classical Studies and a 2nd in History. This was her last year of wearing a uniform, and so this is the last time we see her in school uniform.

Plus Holly got her Learners Licence and a car. The lessons are ongoing, but the plan is to get her restricted licence early in the new year. For the record, Holly also got a birthday cake this year – having missed one year, I have learnt not to make that mistake again.

In December, we returned to Bethshan Motel in Algies Bay with our good friends Noel and Rachel. We have been there lots of times, but this time we did the ‘tourist’ things and took a water taxi over to Kawau Island, went to the Sawmill Cafe, visited the Sculptureum and actually used the Kayaks provided at the motel. Phil and Noel caught enough fish for us to feast on each night, and it did not disappoint to return to a favourite spot.

That’s pretty much the highlights reel of the good stuff. Tonight we have stayed home, watched a movie and I’m about to head to bed ahead of midnight. Around the world there will be many forced to stay home due to Covid-19 and the new strain which is starting to spread. Here in New Zealand, I feel grateful that we have a choice about whether we would like to go out and gather or not, but I am not taking our fortune for granted. Overall, 2020 has been tough, but I think many people have refocused on what is important and at the top of that list are our family and friends and their health.

For me, 31 December 2020 marks 956 days alcohol free. Every day living sober is an achievement and each day marks a new personal record. I have journaled a lot, attended two local scrapbooking events and spent a lot of my free time reading and trying to relax. I am enjoying that Mum is now living closer, but haven’t had the chance to make the most of that yet, but it will happen in 2021. I have signed up for Wanderlust 2021 and can’t wait for that to start tomorrow and to make time for my creative pursuits. I have decided on my One Little Word for 2021, and it will be HEALTH.

Farewell 2020 and RECORD, bring on 2021 and HEALTH.

One thought on “One Little Word 2020, RECORD, what I want to remember ..

  1. Loved reading your blog it always makes me so proud of you and your family. And so look forward to seeing you a bit more even though I know you have an amazing busy life. However it’s only busy people that do things. All the very best for 2021 love you lots Mum xxxx💕


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