April – OLW Adventures and Season of OK

I started out being really excited by the One Little Word prompt for the month. The concept was to take your word on an adventure! This could be done in a mountain of ways – photo walk, coffee date, collage, take up space, read a book – oh the list was long and glorious. I was brimming with enthusiasm. In the first couple of days after listening to Ali Edwards I was very engaged with the theme and looking out for ways I was adventuring with my word, Direction. Many of the prompts fitted really well with my word and I wanted to jump right in and start.

Week 1:

On Sunday 3 April I filled in for the weekend pennants team at Akarana Golf Club. Playing golf I have to think a lot about which direction to aim, and Akarana has a few holes where water comes in to play. It’s a lovely course, but I found the Par 3’s really challenging.

On Thursday I headed out to Pukekohe GC to play our midweek pennants game (my usual team) and was very excited to see a hole named ADVENTURE! I think I got a bit distracted by looking for ways to document my word, because I didn’t play that great and lost the match.

Pukekohe is another lovely up and down course with a couple of water features. This one however I did not enjoy as I managed to put my ball in the water twice.

Rules are a big part of the game of golf and at each club there are always local rules. For both these matches I took photos of the Local Rules to document as Direction also relates to instruction.

In the same week, our team at Quiz night played well and we managed to go in an upward direction, on Wednesday 6 April at half time we were running 2nd, which is amazing for our team. We did drop away a bit later on, but managed a 2nd place overall later in the month! Our best result yet.

On Saturday I booked an appointment with our family psychologist. I had talked to her over the phone with Phil about our family situation, but had yet to go and sit down and talk with her one to one. This was a big step for me – it takes a lot of effort to get comfortable talking to someone about our goings on at home, so having a prompt that said ‘book a date with a therapist’ was just what I needed to make it happen.

I also looked for books related to my word (and my life) and chose this from the library. It’s a sober memoir about a young man who starts climbing as a way of channeling the changes he wants to make to his life.

I still haven’t got around to reading it, but maybe May will be kinder.

So, that was week one of April, which was full of fun, golf, games and opportunities for looking out for my word. I was still hoping to tick off more of the activities related to my word, but Mitchell stopped sleeping well due to constipation, our 4 night a week carer got Covid and everything just turned to custard.

For that reason, I didn’t get around to documenting my OLW, but I intend to catch up sometime soon.

For Get Messy this month’s season was – OK. At first, I kind of felt a bit blah about this word – but it turned out to inspire me to just be ok with what I was creating. Over the month I did participate in Iris Fritschi-Cussens class about creating an imperfect face, and enjoyed watching Abbey Sy’s video on words and lists. Here are a few of my OK pages.

I have decided to try and do each season in a handmade signature that I can later bind into a journal. Maybe this will be just another idea that remains unfinished, but hey, whatever, it’s OK.

Its been a tough month and I’m ready for May.

Take care Cherie x

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