Annual Creative Getaway

Two weekends ago I was lucky to make it to the Creative Getaway that is held at Bella Rakha in Oratia each year. It is a scrapbooking weekend that I have been going to for about 5 years now and is always a lot of fun to catch up with other crafty minded women – some who I only see at this once a year event.

This year I took supplies to work on a mini album about a Day in our Life (another Ali Edwards class). I purchased a ready made flip album with black pages and 12 sides and had taken a series of photos on Friday 11 March 22 earlier this year. The day was an unexecptional ordinary day in our life, and the idea for this year was to take photos while thinking about what you are ‘doing’ in your day. I decided to take photos based around different verbs, e.g. what I am driving, reading, watching, eating and have set my album out based on this idea.

I enjoy this type of scrapbooking about ordinary life, as things change so quickly and it is great to capture how we live in any point in time. It’s pretty simple, but I love how, even a few months later I can look and see changes – we have changed cars, the hedge has grown, Holly has moved back home, Mitchell’s meds have changed. They are changes that don’t seem overly significant, but they are the details of life that we forget as we keep creating our lives.

I also managed to make a few 12 x 12 layouts. A double layout of my niece Rachel, and Josh’s wedding from back in November 2019 – these were from the official photographer and are photos of Rachel and Josh with the aunts and uncles (my brothers and spouses) and a photo of the Goodger cousins. Unfortunately, Mitchell is not in the photo, as although he was at the wedding, he was out the back looking at the peacocks while the photos were being taken.

Then 2 more quick layouts – the first one of MItchell on the boat going across to Kawau Island on a trip to Algies Bay, a couple of years ago – he is so slight then, compared to now. The next one from years ago of one of our trips to Japan, back in 1990! This was when I was working in Japan and Phil came over to visit, before we were married. In the photo, you will see I have crutches, as I managed to break my foot about 3 days before Phil arrived, so was in a cast while we travelled around. Kyoto and the Golden palace were one of my favourite places we visited. The colours were so stunning, and the gardens were just magical – the photos don’t do it justice.

I also worked on my April and May pages for my One Little Word project but just have a couple of finishing touches to add before sharing.

Of course, there were a lot of laughs and on Saturday night we had a wee wild west night. Michele (our fearless leader) had created a Jail for us as a backdrop for photos – or I guess in case we misbehaved.

I know that I really get a lot out of my ‘time out’ on these weekends away. I am grateful that I found this hobby and know that it has formed a really big part of my self care over these years of raising a family.

Cherie đŸ™‚

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