Why I read …

Over the last few months my reading volume has increased dramatically, both for pleasure and because I am interested to find my own writing voice. For so long, I have wanted to tell our family’s story, but the want has not miraculously morphed into pages stuck between two covers for someone else to read. So, I am trying to read more widely in an effort to learn about writing styles. Along the way I am finding out what I like or don’t like.

As a teenager and young adult, I could easily sit down and indulge in a 600 -800 page book over a weekend, lifting my head up momentarily when my mother would tell me for the 3rd time that dinner was ready – and “to put that book down”. Ironically, I find myself now in the same position with a teenage daughter who also shares a passion for reading.

In my 30’s and 40’s I found myself spending less time reading as life was full of work, study and family life and commitments. Reading felt indulgent in the daytime and by the time I finished off my wine at night my eyelids were too heavy for reading and I would maybe scroll a page before dropping off to sleep. Since 2015, with my on and off again attempts and living alcohol free reading has become a major pastime. I read to educate myself about addiction and for personal development. I read to escape real life. I read for knowledge. I read to distract myself from going to the fridge for treats. I read for self-care. Reading is part of my me time and I can do it in the gaps, when I have 5 minutes, while I wait in the doctors waiting room and when I sit in the car for pick up. Reading is such a great gift.

This month’s selection is heavily weighted with memoirs which include:

  • Rubies and Pearls – Donella Knox
  • Next Stop – Glen Finland
  • Raising Henry – Rachel Adams
  • Drinking. A Love Story. – Caroline Knapp

I have returned to my childhood love of reading and now let myself pick up a book in the middle of the day without feeling guilty. I read a few pages before dinner, or pick up a magazine to enjoy with my coffee.

Why do you read?